Call me Alex, 19 year-old Chinese chick. I love nature, I love the world. I love the blue sky, I love the green leaves, I love the bright and yellow sun, I love the white and shinny moon, I love the colorful flowers! Follow me if u like my blog. Follow my instagram @Alexitt3y Thank you for stopping by. **I do not own any of these photos unless they are stated**
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My url was :kitt3yzzz.tumblr.com 04/01/2014 changed to you-r-always-mine.tumblr.com

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"Don’t just say you love me, prove it. Don’t just say you miss me, come see me. Don’t just say you care, tell me everyday that you do. Don’t say anything you don’t mean and can’t prove."
"Worry is like a rocking chair, it keeps you busy, but it doesn’t bring you farther."